Slide Rider - instant fun in box

Stairs no longer optional

Can you remember sliding down stairs – any stairs, when you were a kid? Any ride would do… cardboard, a sleeping bag, even a pillow. I can still remember my dog desperately trying to join in the fun.

SlideRider 1
Just add a set of stairs for instant fun!

Introducing SlideRider, from Minnesota mom, Trisha Cleveland. We’re guessing she has one too many rainy days trying to find fun activities for the kids!

SlideRider 2
Instant fun in a box!

Unfortunately, SlideRider isn’t in production yet, but judging by the buzz it’s creating, it will be very shortly.

SlideRider 3
SlideRider specifications

Once positioned at the top of the stairs, it’s a simple process to ‘lock and load’ the slide.

SlideRider 4
It’s a one-mom job to set up

For the super-safety conscious out there, this is an exceptionally well designed unit complete with safety rails and a ‘crash barrier’ at the bottom.

SlideRider 5
Slide in place, now for the rails
SlideRider 6
Rails ready

Bring on the rainy days ‘coz this adult wants to give this a go!

If you can help Trish get this off the ground, head on over to Quirky-Trisha Cleveland



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