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We all know that breakfast is the single most important meal of the day – especially for our children. But it can sometimes be challenging getting them to eat the right foods in that short time they have before leaving for school.

If we really are what we eat, what does this say about us?
If we really are what we eat, what does this say about us?

While slick advertising, bright packaging and colourful morsels may appeal to our children, the truth is we’re not doing them any favours if we call this ‘breakfast’. It’s confectionery and needs to be treated accordingly.

Then, of course, there’s you! It’s every bit as important that you fuel yourself with food that is going to work for you all day, rather than against you. Toast and jam may be quick, but it has very little nutritional value or staying power. Most breads are quickly converted to sugar and the jam (jelly to our American friends) has already given you plenty of that!

Sugar laden cereals and breads – especially white ‘fruit’ breads are going to send you into a continuous cycle of sugar highs and lows throughout the day. First, your body pumps out insulin to control the sudden influx of glucose. It usually overcompensates. Then you feel low and crave sugar. You have another hit and the cycle starts again. It’s a cycle that can even push you and your children toward the murky waters of diabetes.

Enough of the sermon! Where’s the salvation you cry!
The answer is in low G.I. foods that provide a continuous flow of energy over a longer time-frame. And that brings us to this little beauty…

It’s quick to make, looks wonderful, tastes even better and has that eye candy appeal your kids crave.

The bonus with this breakfast is that the yoghurt contains every amino acid your youngsters need for physical and mental development as well as plenty of fibre via the cereals and fruit. And you will also feel energised through your day and have the comfort of knowing your kids are feeling the same way. As an alternative to the cornflakes, you might want to try a wholegrain wheat flake which is even lower GI!

Try it and be surprised!

What do you think? Do you agree that we need to encourage our children to eat well or do you feel that ‘nature provides’. Share your thoughts. We enjoy reading them

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