Halloween Fairies Final Products

Halloween Fairies!

Halloween Fairies

Thinking of a Halloween decor project for the kids? These mini Halloween fairies are perfect for them – easy and fun to make, and cute!

Halloween Fairies

Younger children are often given homework arts and crafts projects according to the season. These are usually displayed in their classrooms before being sent back home just before the big event. (I remember doing projects for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, United Nations Day and Halloween.) Have your youngsters been given a Halloween project to do in the next couple of weeks? Maybe they just want to make something scary anyway!

Here’s a fun, easy and inexpensive decor idea you can help them with. Use craft butterflies and mini skeletons to make Halloween fairies! Give them as Halloween gifts or just use them at home while you party!

The most fun part here is that you can play around and get creative with the theme of your Halloween fairies. You can put them in a jar or create a mini cage for them. It will definitely be better if you add more props like dried leaves, twigs, ‘spider webs’… whatever you can think of!

These Halloween fairies are not just for a school art project, they are also great as Halloween displays at home!

What materials are you using to create your own version of these Halloween fairies? Here are the basic things you need. Then read on for Sean Becker’s tutorial. You’ll find a few more finished examples at the end, too!


  • Titanium White Acrylic Paint
  • Mason Jar (optional)
  • Small Skeletons
  • Craft Butterflies


  • Paintbrushes
  • Hot Glue Gun


Halloween Fairies

I took the butterfly wings off the body (just like any morbid kid would do, I mean seriously, dead fairy!), and separated the parts. I painted just one side so it wouldn’t be such a pain to squeeze a brush into the small part of the rib cage. I only did one layer because I liked how the original pattern bled through a little bit.

Halloween Fairies

As you can see, I wedged the corner of the wings under the spine and just added a touch of hot glue. Then a bit more paint to the wings.

Halloween Fairies

I had to buy a bunch of the skeletons and butterflies (didn’t have them separated), but that’s OK. I have plenty of friends with a twisted sense of humor.

Halloween Fairies

I didn’t trim or do anything else with this one, just showing the next step.

Halloween Fairies Final Products

You can easily make a little outfit with dried leaves, or bits of cloth. The wings I have seen done with wire and plastic, feathers, really anything. The first pics here are good for just reference.

Halloween Fairies Sample Work

Don’t be afraid to be different and have fun!

Math time: I bought 2 six pack of skeletons at 5 dollars per pack= 83 cents per skeleton. One pack of 12 butterflies for 5 dollars (optional, you may use something else) =42 cents per wing set. And 12 jars for 11 dollars = 91 cents.

So, for $2.16 per fairy, that’s not so bad.

Be creative and keep the imagination alive!

Thanks to  for this great project!




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