Halloween Fairies!

Halloween Fairies Final Products

Thinking of a Halloween decor project for the kids? These mini Halloween fairies are perfect for them – easy and fun to make, and cute! Younger children are often given homework arts and crafts projects according to the season. These are usually displayed in their classrooms before being sent back home just before the big event. (I remember […]

Easy Art for Kids

Easy Art for Kids

Crayons and drawing books for the kids’ art time? Too ordinary! So here’s a little project to give your kids something a bit different and more fun to do. You can build this simple stand using scrap timber you may have in your storage. But you can also use other materials such as PVC pipes, cardboard boxes, etc. Be […]

String Art Tutorial

String Art

Need a new wall decoration for your room? Here’s one DIY idea you might enjoy! A string and nail wall decoration is a great creative project for using up all excess nails and timber or plywood. And aside from being inexpensive, it is also fun because it’s an art project that anybody can successfully make. […]

Line design with shading!

Line Design Drawing

Now here’s something to keep the little kids busy this weekend. It’s simple, easy, addictive and definitely worth displaying on the wall! This art project is just one of the many creative ideas taught yearly by art teacher Ted Edinger (also known as Mr. E). Lots of his students have created really impressive versions of this, […]

Cute Customized Corner Bookmarks

Corner Bookmarks

Why would you buy a bookmark when you can customize one for yourself? Aren’t these corner bookmarks cute? You can make one in less than five minutes. :) Who is your favourite character? Start making one of these now! Materials: Coloured Paper Scissors Colouring Pens Pencil Ruler Glue Steps: Cut the paper in a 12 […]

Pool noodle projects to make with kids

Pool Noodle Projects

Here are some pool noodle projects great for the kids — for play and home decor! We, parents, just can’t stop worrying about kids getting hurt from physical games. On the other hand, we want them to have as much fun as they can and get active especially when they’re on school break. But the […]

3D Hand Art

3D hand

Cut off your hand, put it inside a frame and hang it on your bedroom wall… JUST KIDDING! But you can make a 3D hand instead, and we’re not kidding! This art project is very cool yet very simple. The only trick here is too be very precise in drawing the lines – curved lines […]

Cereal Box Letters

Cereal Box Letters

Decorating rooms doesn’t have to be costly. You don’t even have to spend a single penny. If you want to add letter blocks to display on a table or shelf, you can simply use empty cereal boxes. Materials: Several empty Cereal Boxes Pencil Elmer’s Glue/Modge Podge Scissors Ruler Brown Paper Bag/Manila Paper Brush Hot Glue Gun […]

Photo Pebbles

Photo Pebbles

Sometimes it’s just fun to do some arts and crafts with no particular reason or goal. There are moments when we just feel like doing something creative just because. And this is one of those projects. After trying it, I thought they are a cute thing to have on the work table. Put pictures of your […]