Popsicle Stick Bombs

Exploding Popsicle Sticks

Don’t be alarmed, these “bombs” are perfectly safe for kids! We only use the term to give the idea on how they are used/played – you assemble them and throw it at your “enemies”! As far as I know, this has never caused any accident. We used to play them without any safety gear but […]

DIY Swing Ideas for Kids

Swing Ideas

One of the things I’m sure all of us loved as kids were the outdoor swings. It’s the feeling of like you are about to take off and fly. Honestly I would still love to play on swings if not only for the fear of being judged by other adults – and kids as well. Haha! […]

10 Sandpit Ideas for Your Home

Sandpit Boat

Outdoor play is very important for your kids’ early years. It’s not just about fun. It is the best way in achieving developmental tasks children must learn. They need to learn to go out there, take risks (yes – take risks) and explore. They need to develop motor and social skills. It’s the only way […]

DIY Tire Sandbox

DIY Tire Sandbox

You don’t have to dig just to give your kids a sandbox to play at. Use tractor tires! Materials: Tractor Tire Reciprocating saw Pool noodle Old sheet/cloth or weed guard Pool Noodle Sand Plywood (for sandbox cover) Scissors   Steps: You have to do some looking to find a used tractor tire, sand, and plywood. With […]

DIY Cardboard Play Kitchen

DIY Cardboard Play Kitchen

Play sets are expensive, and soon enough the kids will outgrow them long before they wear out. So why not just build one for your kids yourself? See images below to get ideas on how to make a mini kitchen. Materials: Cardboards of different sizes Scotch tape Extra/scrap fabric for the pot holders and curtains   […]

Stairs no longer optional

Slide Rider - instant fun in box

Can you remember sliding down stairs – any stairs, when you were a kid? Any ride would do… cardboard, a sleeping bag, even a pillow. I can still remember my dog desperately trying to join in the fun. Introducing SlideRider, from Minnesota mom, Trisha Cleveland. We’re guessing she has one too many rainy days trying […]

A Real Parents’ Retreat…

Parents' Retreat project by Clare Cousins

If you’re a parent, you’ve probably experienced more than your fair share of austere “hurry up and leave” parents’ rooms. In fact, they seem to work on the same premise as McDonalds… you’re here to eat > you’ve eaten > what are you hanging around for? Yet, as a parent out for the day, or […]

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