How to Remake Broken Crayons

Recycle Crayons

When you have a toddler who loves to color, the life cycle of crayons can be a bit short – and your own life tends to be a repetition of the previous day. You wake up, open a new box of crayons, watch your kid break them all, and then repeat everything all over again […]

Most Dangerous Apps for Kids

Gone are the days of slow dial-up internet! Today’s generation of kids is being introduced to various new technologies and the age of exposure to gadgets and the internet is getting younger and younger. Technology by itself isn’t bad but it’s important for parents to monitor not just the length of time their children spend […]

Make greeting cards and letters even more special with this cute and easy envelope!

DIY Envelope

Want to make your greeting cards and letters even more special? This easy DIY envelope is perfect because it gives the recipient¬†the feeling of opening up a present! And it’s not just an¬†easy project! This DIY envelope¬†can save you moneyif you already have some beautiful thick paper and a few ribbons in your crafts stores.¬†You […]

How to Create Movement in Your Drawings

Motion Drawing

Being able to show movement is the key to¬†bringing¬†an illustration to life. Movement and motion are¬†what help you imagine what you are reading. Without these little details, drawings may¬†be hard to interpret. You don‚Äôt need to enter an art class to learn drawing. The first thing you need to practice for moving objects is to […]

Chore Board Ideas

Chore Board Ideas for Kids

One of the most¬†stressful things about being a mother is having to keep the whole house clean and organized. Mothers with young kids experience this frustration the most because by the time they clean one part of the house, their children have successfully made another mess in another part of the house. Implementing rules is […]