T-Shirt Canvas Art


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A lot of times in our lives we are faced with the reality of having to move on from the things that we love. I remember that time when I had to throw away my beloved tamagotchi because it’s broken – Oh my pet dog! You may be able to relate here with thoughts of your favorite bag or that old, malfunctioning phone that has been with you for many years.

For kids, it’s usually their favorite clothes. They just grow so fast the shirts did not even have the chance to fray!

So here’s one way to still keep them in your child’s possession.

Shirt Canvas Art


  • The outgrown shirt
  • Small canvas (bring the shirt when you buy this so you can determine the perfect size)
  • Scissors
  • Duct tape
  • Staple gun



Don’t forget to clean and iron the shirt first.

Measure the shirt on the canvas.

Shirt Canvas Art

You will need to cut the back part of the shirt but make sure it reaches the frame at the back on all sides.

Shirt Canvas Art

Once cut, position the shirt so that its design is right where you would want it to be. Staple the edges of the shirt on the frame at the back of the canvas. Make sure the shirt is nicely stretched.

Cut out excess cloth, if any, after stapling.

Shirt Canvas Art

You can cover those ugly edges with duct tape, nicely covering the entire frame at the back. And you are done! :)

Shirt Canvas Art

Source: The Whoot