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Outdoor Playhouses to Inspire a Child’s Imagination!

Outdoor Playhouse Design

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The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination”  –  Albert Einstein

It’s every child’s dream to have their own little space to play and create their own world. Their imagination runs wild as they build, form, mold and imagine everything they want!

Playhouses can be as simple as a cardboard carton or two or as complex as the galleon below. Some can be built in minutes – two chairs and a blanket, while others are a labour of love lasting months.

We love giving you inspiration. Here are some playhouse designs which you can build for your kids. Some of these projects even make use of upcycled materials. :)

We hope this inspires you to design and build your very own outdoor playhouse! Remember that kids don’t need perfection. They need family-time and memories!



Outdoor Playhouse Design

Pirateship Playhouse from


Outdoor Playhouse Design

Cubby House made from Apple Crates from Pinterest


Outdoor Playhouse Design

Modern Outdoor Playhouse by Zulily


Outdoor Playhouse Design

Upcycled Doors Playhouse  by Earthscape


Outdoor Playhouse Design

Boys’ Clubhouse by Lilliput Play Homes


Outdoor Playhouse Design

Willow Playhouse by Judith Needham Willow Design

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