Swing Ideas

DIY Swing Ideas for Kids

One of the things I’m sure all of us loved as kids were the outdoor swings. It’s the feeling of like you are about to take off and fly. Honestly I would still love to play on swings if not only for the fear of being judged by other adults – and kids as well. Haha!

I don’t think most children nowadays get to experience the fun with swings. There are many reasons such as the advent of even more computer games, the too hot/too cold weather outside, the small backyard, and the fear caused by the increasing incident of various crimes outdoor.

But are we going to let the children grow without experiencing the best things about being a kid? You don’t have to get them a complete swing set. Below are some DIY ideas you could do outdoors and even indoors. Not all of these examples could get your kid’s adrenaline rushing, but I’m sure they would love them. :)

DIY Airplane SwingSwing Ideas

Pallet Swing from 99 PalletsSwing Ideas

Wooden Tree Swing from BabbleSwing Ideas

Tree Swing with Pillows from WelkeSwing Ideas

Wood Slab Rope Swing from Fine Art AmericaSwing Ideas

Barrel Swing from WoohomeSwing Ideas

Tire Swing from All SeasonsSwing Ideas

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