Chain Reaction Stick Bombs

Chain reaction popsicle stick bombs

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Have your little kids ever experienced the joy of playing with the most simple of things yet very fun activities? Thinking about it, such activities are more beneficial to them than most toys and games they have now. Why? Because it encourages them to think more. Their creativity is tested. And also, they get to move and exercise their bodies more as compared to playing video games with just their fingers doing the exercise!

This classic popsicle activity is one which you could share with them that they will surely enjoy. Let the kids know two of the most common stick bomb chains we have here below – the Cobra Weave and Clever Levers. :)


  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Rubber Bands
  • Small Blocks – not too heavy
  • Safety Goggles for the Kids

The Cobra Weave

Chain reaction popsicle stick bombs

Probably the most popular chain reaction weave is the “Cobra” weave. It is called the cobra weave because when it is detonated in the right direction, the chain lifts itself up off of the ground like a rearing snake. It is also one of the fastest and easiest weaves to assemble.

Chain reaction popsicle stick bombsChain reaction popsicle stick bombs

Start by placing one stick on the ground at a 45 degree angle. Then place a second stick on top of it so that the sticks are perpendicular and intersect at the top third of each stick.

Chain reaction popsicle stick bombs

Then place a third stick on top of the second so that they intersect at the bottom third of the two sticks.

Chain reaction popsicle stick bombs

To lock the left end in place, take a fourth stick and weave it under the top end of the first stick, over the middle of the third stick and under the bottom end of the third.

Chain reaction popsicle stick bombs

Now just continue the pattern out on the right side. The next stick should go over the bottom end of third stick and under the first stick.

Chain reaction popsicle stick bombs

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