Pool noodle projects to make with kids

Pool Noodle Projects

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Here are some pool noodle projects great for the kids — for play and home decor!

Pool Noodle Projects for kids

We, parents, just can’t stop worrying about kids getting hurt from physical games. On the other hand, we want them to have as much fun as they can and get active especially when they’re on school break.

But the most fun games always seem to be the most accident-prone! See, kids love doing what the adults are doing. Admit it, even when we were the kids, we couldn’t wait to do the things our parents are doing! The boys love sword fights and martial arts, while most girls want to be like mum.

So to make things more a little interesting for them, we’ve gathered some pool noodle projects which kids can definitely do without you worrying for their safety!


These are the pool noodle DIY’s children can use for play:

Pool Noodle Projects

Pool Noodle Lightsabers from Muddy Boot

Pool Noodle Projects

How to Make a Foam Sword from Crazy Little Projects

Pool Noodle Projects

Oodles of Fun with Pool Noodles from BLEND

Pool Noodle Projects

Indoor Basketball from Ever Never Again

Pool Noodle Projects

Pool Noodle Race Track from Ramblings from Utopia

Pool Noodle Projects

Easy Pool Noodle Nunchucks from Capital B

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