Fold Only Wallet

Make Your Own Wallet

When I was a kid, I found it difficult to choose a wallet that was perfect for me. The ones at department stores and toy stores just didn’t appeal. They were either too big or too flashy for my taste. During my preteens, I found that designs were too mature or too childish for my age.

Fold Only Wallet

If I had found these wallets shown below during those times, it would have been the perfect one! Which is why I think this is a great idea to teach the kids today. What’s great about these wallets is that they could have any design that they want. It’s easy to make, simple, not expensive, and can last a long time!

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  • A4 Plastic Binder Page Protector
  • A3 Print of this file – FoldOnlyWallet (Yes it’s A3 :)  Do not resize, print at 100% scale, ignore printer notice that says it exceeds printable area)
  • A Print of your chosen design/image (paper should be thick/heavy like a post card or a paper from a magazine)


  • Scissors
  • Stapler


Fold Only Wallet

Cut the short side of the plastic that is sealed.

Fold Only Wallet

Fold the A3 paper in half crosswise.

Fold Only Wallet

Insert the paper in the plastic sheet, making sure it is at the center. Staple them together as shown in the photo.

Fold Only Wallet

Cut the side corners along the solid lines, as shown.

Fold Only Wallet

Flip the sheet and cut the two other angles, but take note that only one side has to be cut. The other side should be retained. These are the “wings” that you could see in the photo, and will hold everything together so be careful not to cut it out!

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