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Lego Costume

I didn’t want to suffocate heads by filling them with foam as other tutorials did. It worked fine for adults, but not kids. It took me three tries to get it right. I just glue-gunned some foam pieces I had laying around (these were from a computer I had bought a while back) and then carved off the left over pieces. You can see how I locked in the head so it wouldn’t move around.

Lego Costume

Now the hands. This was such a hassle that I eventually only made one pair. Its pretty self explanatory.

Lego Man Costume Hands

I cut out the hands from cardboard, and again used that foam kicking around at home to “sandwich” it with the cut outs. The first hand, I taped the crap out of it, because I remembered, from the previous step, that foam and spray paint don’t like each other at all. So to make the hand look awesome, I thought taping it up would be cool. Then my wife opened her big mouth and told me to Paper Mache it. Of course this was infinitely better than tape. So I did that. Then spray painted. And they turned out awesome. But toooo much work.

Lego Man Costume Finished Product

Done!!! You can see I added some white mesh to Batman’s eyes. It just looked better. I also used black tape for Batman’s belt.

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